4 super simple summer cooling drinks Recipes

For countries with tropical climates. in the summer, the outdoor temperature can be up to nearly 40 degrees Celsius and even when the air conditioner is turned on, many people still complain because of the heat. It’s time to “cool off from the inside” with 4 super simple summer cooling drinks. Refer to the recipe and practice with lifetechz.com now!

4 super simple summer cooling drinks

1. Squash tea

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1 kg squash (washed, peeled, cut into large pieces).
10g field (finely cut).
2-3 pineapple leaves (cleaned, tied together to find small bundles).
150g of rock sugar.
2 litres of water.

How to make squash tea.

Place a little salt, pineapple leaves, squash, field fields in a pot as well as chef with 2 liters of water, simmer for concerning 2 hrs. Strain out the body in the tea as well as include the sugar to cook till the sugar is dissolved. You ought to reduce the amount of rock sugar if you such as to consume alcohol not also wonderful. Shut off the warm, allow it amazing and put the squash tea in a bottle or container and shop in the refrigerator. Squash tea has several health and wellness advantages, such as liver cleaning, detoxing, diuretic, laxative, … This is likewise a summer season cooling down beverage that “is preferred with” young diners.

2. Wild rice water.


100g brown rice.
2 litres of water.

Exactly how to make brown rice juice:.

Roast wild rice up until the rice radiates a fragrance as well as a darker shade. Prepare wild rice that has actually been roasted in 2 litres of water up until the rice is tender. You can include a pinch of salt to include much more flavor to the brown rice water. Once the water has cooled down, make use of a filter to strain the body to obtain the water. An additional method to make brown rice water is to put the roasted brown rice in a teapot and then include the water to brew it like you would certainly a regular tea. About 3-5 minutes, the water transforms light yellow-brown as well as you can appreciate it. Wild rice water can be drunk hot or cool. In addition to warmth, this beverage likewise sustains weight management, cleansing the skin much more white and also pink. Truly a good friend of women, right?

3. Milk made from Rice.


300g of non-glutinous rice.
2 fresh milk bags without sugar.
1 tsp condensed milk.
100g of white sugar.

How to make rice milk:.

Roast the rice up until the rice transforms fragrant and golden. While roasting, beware to stir your hands to make sure that the rice is prepared equally as well as does not burn. Soak the rice in a tidy pot with bitter milk for concerning 30 minutes. Warm the blend over reduced warmth till it simmers. Shut off the oven. Await the milk to cool, include condensed milk and sugar, mix well up until the mix is dissolved. Ultimately, utilize a screen to filter the rice residue to get water. You can split the rice milk into little containers as well as cool them to consume gradually. Rice milk is a summer season cooling down drink preferred by many Korean and Vietnamese households. This meal served with ice is tasty “great pet cat” do not miss it.

4. Aloe Vera Sugar Alum.


2 aloe leaves.
150g of rock sugar.
2 litres of water.

Just how to make aloe vera:.

With aloe vera, you remove the skin as well as reduced the meat right into pomegranate seeds; Then, take in water for 15-20 minutes to eliminate the oil as well as decrease poignant preference. Keep in mind to rinse it once again 2-3 times to make the aloe vera clear when you end up saturating.
Add the alum sugar and chef with water till the sugar is totally dissolved. Relying on the preference of sweet taste, please adjust the quantity of sugar accordingly.
When the water is boiling, placed the prepared chopped aloe vera into the pot as well as bring it to a boil.
When chilled, the taste of aloe vera will certainly taste far better. This summer season warm beverage is particularly helpful for people with blood pressure, liver condition or women that wish to beautify their skin.