5 most beautiful cherry blossom festivals in Korea

The cherry blossom festival is the most anticipated event every spring in Korea. Koreans have the habit of traveling according to the season, such as winter skiing, autumn seeing red maple leaves, summer water trips on streams, and spring flower viewing. Cherry blossoms are a symbol of spring and are the most popular flower in Korea along with white plum blossoms, sumac, azaleas, yellow bellflowers, canola flowers. It’s a spectacular sight that you won’t want to miss! In this article, we’ll tell you all about the 5 most beautiful cherry blossom festivals in Korea.

🌸The 5 most beautiful cherry blossom festivals in Korea🌸

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1. Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival (Jamsil).

Until now, many travelers have only known the place Seokchon Lake as a place alongside Lotte World theme park, one of the largest interior theme park on the planet. However, Seokchon Lake is additionally a dreamland to completely take pleasure in the Korean spring with the cherry trees surrounding East Lake and also West Lake. This is among the largest-scale man-made lakes in Korea with an area of 147,400 square meters. Throughout the cherry bloom festival, along the roads in Seokchon Lake Park, there will be many unique cultural and imaginative activities.

If you’re a hopeful photographer, this is the event for you! In the East of Seoul, Seokchon Lake is a conveniently obtainable area to see the Korean cherry blossoms and take images of their representations in the water. It’s a beautiful photo ops and also a remarkable view.

2. Cherry Blossoms in Seoul Forest.

Seoul Forest is a huge park and also profoundly prominent with the locals for its cherry blossoms in Spring and also Ginkgo Tree Forest in Autumn.
Seoul Forest has undergone a variety of shifts from hunting premises for the kings to the first water treatment facility in Seoul, equine racing tracks, golf links, sporting activities park, and to the present eco-friendly city park.

3. Cherry Blossoms in Gyeongpodae.

Gyeongpo Beach is the largest beach on the East Coast of Korea, simply 1km from the visitor location Gyeongpodae Pavilion, a popular place to see the daybreak. This is likewise one of the beautiful coastlines, attracting lots of travelers in the summertime.
However one of the most popular attribute of Gyeongpo Beach is the cherry blossom roadway that leaves the coast. In order to serve the needs of the people taking in the sights, the wood paved roads are built right at the foot of the trees, aiding travelers to both take pictures, enjoy flowers and enjoy the view of the sea.

4. Cherry Blossoms at ECO FOREST.

Head over to the overhead footbridge at Eco Forest and also you will be fascinated by the rows of cherry blossom trees listed below and a sight of yellow forsythia (flowers) blooming remarkably at Eungbongsan Mountain in advance. Do not lose out on feeding the deer at Deer Corral (Eco Forest) also! You can get the deer food from the vending machine!

5. Palgong mountain event, Daegu city.

Palgongsan is a mountain situated in the northeast of Daegu and also concerning 20 kilometres from the city center.

The center of the mountain is Mount Birobong with an altitude of 1,192 m. This place is called the spiritual land of Buddhism due to the fact that there are several Buddha sculptures, pagodas and also Buddha cliffs in the hill. Gatbawi (갓 바위) is a Buddha statue in addition to Mount Palgong thought to bless those who desire as soon as in a lifetime and brings in many residential and international visitors to visit.

In springtime, Palgongsan Mountain shines with cherry blossoms. The cherry blossom event with social as well as experience activities will be held at the Donghwa Regional Fountain Square on Mount Palgong.

Korea is the location to be during the cozy months that cherry bloom trees are in flower when it comes to tasks! These are 5 most lovely cherry bloom events in Korea that lifetechz.com collected!.