What is French door whirlpool refrigerator? Is that good?

Refrigerator is an indispensable appliance for every home. Therefore, more and more refrigerator brands were born with outstanding products, including Whirlpool. So which country’s French door whirlpool refrigerator ? Is that good? Let’s find out with lifetechz.com in the article below!

Whirlpool – Quality brand from the US

Whirlpool refrigerator

Whirlpool is one of the top quality home appliances brands in the US, founded in 1911. Whirlpool has a history of more than 110 years in cleaning, refrigeration and storage.

Whirlpool’s products are manufactured under modern technological lines, bringing the best quality equipment to customers. Therefore, the company has received the trust of more than 200 million households around the world with outstanding products such as: induction cookers, infrared cookers, dryers, washing machines, etc.

In addition, the company also received outstanding awards such as: Honor Award in 4 fields at the Annual Conference for Elite Manufacturers in London , product design award for Whirlpool Glamor Oven and eco-friendly design award for the GREENKITCHEN product line.

Among them, it is impossible not to mention the French door Whirlpool refrigerator, which is highly appreciated by many customers for its cooling ability, convenience, energy saving ability and environmental friendliness.

Is the French door whirlpool refrigerator any good? Should I buy it?

Smart heat control 6th sense technology:

The most outstanding feature of Whirlpool that no other product on the market today has is the exclusive 6th sense technology. Able to recover to ideal temperature faster. Intelligent, precise temperature control. All microprocessor information centrally tracks the number of times the door is opened and the number of times it is opened. Helps make predictions for temperature management, even if the door is only slightly ajar, the temperature will adjust automatically.

Thus maintaining the freshness of the food for a longer time and in the best condition. Smart 6th sense technology helps preserve a variety of foods while maintaining the desired freshness.

When the power is cut off suddenly or for a long time such as a power failure, the Whirlpool refrigerator has the function of restoring the ideal temperature faster than other refrigerators, in addition, the temperature variation is low, helping to keep the real food. products stay fresher longer. The new location of the temperature sensor near the front of the refrigerator helps to ensure that food stays cold evenly, avoiding damage due to placement.

Elegant, modern and convenient design:

French door whirlpool refrigerator

Whirlpool refrigerators have a unique design. With a luxurious silver gray color, the material does not leave fingerprints to keep the cabinet shiny and durable. The cabinet has a large capacity of 608L (385L refrigerator – 223L freezer) to help you store a lot of food for a long time while ensuring freshness.

The large fruit compartment can hold 84 apples. In addition, the shelves are designed to be deep and wide enough to easily hold large items such as hard disks and large cakes. All compartments and shelves are easily movable, allowing customization to provide enough storage space.

Exclusive Nano-shield technology manages the gap to give you maximum usable space. Preserved food is more uniform and stays fresh longer. With 2-gallon fitted cabinet doors and four custom compartments allowing you to save space on the door shelf.

Door-In-Door – Door in Door

French door Whirlpool refrigeratorr owns a luxurious Door-In-Door design with a modern 4-door system, the side door is installed right on the refrigerator door. Therefore, users can get food and drinks easily without opening the big door, avoiding loss of cold air, thereby reducing power consumption.

At the same time, the cabinet doors are made of durable stainless steel material with attractive, trendy black or silver colors that will bring elegance to the space used.

System of 3 independent indoor units with 3 compartments

The product is equipped with a system of 3 independent indoor units , completely separate compartments. Therefore, the food inside the refrigerator always receives the right temperature, optimal humidity to keep the full freshness, flavor and inherent nutrients.

Flexible switch compartment

French door Whirlpool refrigerator is integrated with the ability to flexibly switch from cooler to freezer with 12 customizable temperature modes from -22°C – 10°C . Therefore, this product can meet all the needs of users to use cabinets to preserve food.

10-in-1 conversion function

French door whirlpool refrigerator side by side

The 10-in-1 conversion function on the French door Whirlpool refrigerator allows users to choose the cooling mode that best suits their needs such as 4 seasons, mixed, drinks, frozen, energy saving, fast ice making, party, holiday, chef, mini fridge .

As a result, users can rest assured to preserve fresh and delicious food for a long time on this refrigerator.

Microblock technology

Microblock technology integrated on Whirlpool refrigerators has the ability to prevent the growth and development of bacteria and mold up to 99% .

As a result, users can safely use this product to preserve vegetables and fruits that are always fresh, nutritious, and safe for health.

Zeolite Technology

French door Whirlpool refrigerator is also equipped with Zeolite technology . This technology has the ability to prevent the Freshonizer from absorbing excess ethylene, thereby helping to keep vegetables and fruits fresh and not overcooked.

Whirlpool refrigerator with LED light

Save electricity, radiate more uniform and natural light in the refrigerator. This model also comes with Whirlpool’s Accu-Chill temperature management system to measure internal temperatures and intuitively adjust, turning on the compressor when needed, cooling drinks and foods quickly and efficiently reducing lower costs for you.

Included Utilities

In addition to effective cooling and bactericidal technologies, French door Whirlpool refrigerator are also equipped with a number of accompanying utilities to provide a better user experience for users, such as:

  • External control panel: Makes it easy to operate and adjust the temperature inside the cabinet to suit your needs.
  • Flexible shelf tray: The cabinet tray is made of sturdy and durable tempered glass material, helping you comfortably store many different foods without taking up much space.
  • There is a warning bell to forget to close the door: When you forget to close the cabinet door, the device will automatically emit a warning bell for you to promptly detect and close the door, avoiding loss of cold air causing energy waste.
  • Child Lock: Helps you lock the control panel to limit the situation of children playing and causing unwanted incidents.
  • Flexible drawers: Help you take out food or put food in the cabinet easily


With all the above advantages, the American brand French door Whirlpool refrigerator has always been the number 1 choice for many families over the years. The refrigerator is also a high-end kitchen appliance that is present all over the world. Accompanying consumers through different generations. That proves the longevity and long life of the product. Hope the above information helps you better understand this quality refrigerator brand! If you have any questions, leave a comment below!

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