How to get smell out of refrigerator. The popular causes and 10 methods to get away from odors

There are numerous causes of a refrigerator’s unpleasant odor. The most prevalent issue that not only results in offensive odors but also directly affects food loss of freshness is improper food storage. Let’s “pocket” the best ways how to get smell out of refrigerator right now, using simply ingredients that are accessible in the kitchen.

What causes the refrigerator to smell bad?

Food spoilage: Food that has been out of the fridge for more than a day turns rotten and emits an unpleasant or odd odor. Food can spoil quickly in the refrigerator in the event of an unexpected power outage.

Inadequate food storage: If fresh or strongly scented food is not placed in a sealed container, the odor will permeate the entire refrigerator. You should also be aware of the liquid bottles and jars since if they spill, the stink will soon build up in them.

Damaged refrigerator components: The drain pan frequently develops issues during operation, preventing steam from evaporating. Mold can form and thrive in an area where there has been a long-term buildup of steam and high humidity.

Additionally, the nearby loose water line is the same thing that gives you anxiety every time you open the refrigerator.

How to get smell out of refrigerator

How to get smell out of refrigerator by cleaning up 

Remove – First, empty the fridge of everything and throw away any potentially rancid or expired food. Any jars or containers that are sticky or have food residue exposed should be cleaned. As you clean the rest of the fridge’s inside, take out any surfaces inside like drawers, adjustable shelves, or racks and soak them in hot water and dish soap.

Equip – We advise avoiding multipurpose cleaning sprays in favor of more straightforward, all-natural solutions like a baking soda and vinegar solution, which naturally absorb odors. This type of cleaning is not only natural, but the fizzing action will help lift stains while it cleans and deodorizes.

Use a fresh sponge or clean microfiber cloth that won’t easily fall apart to start the cleaning procedure. A fine rag or toothbrush can also be used to reach nooks and crannies where food particles may be hiding. High-quality cleaning supplies also aid in limiting the spread of bacteria that cause odors. Put a little vinegar and baking soda on your cleaning supplies right away.

Wipe – Start from the top of the refrigerator and work your way down while it is empty. Clean the ceiling, sides, and doors, and don’t forget to wipe underneath the drawers. Remember to clean the refrigerator’s exterior as well, as these surfaces are odor-transfer surfaces.

How to get smell out of refrigerator by cleaning up 

Rinse – Use warm water to rinse the cloth or sponge, then use it to remove any remaining baking soda and vinegar residue from the area you just washed. Rinse with warm water repeatedly until there are no longer any signs of your cleaning agent.

Replace – If you have a fridge thermometer, don’t replace the food until the temperature drops to 5°C (41°F) or lower. Use the fast-cool feature on your refrigerator to hasten the cooling process.

How to prevent odors and smells from refrigerator

1. Use orange and tangerine peels

The most often used method on how to get smell out of refrigerator for making the refrigerator smell better is to use orange or tangerine peel since these fruits’ natural fragrant oils have the power to absorb odors in 3 days.

Use orange and tangerine peels

Orange and tangerine peels, after being cleaned and dried, can be placed in the refrigerator’s corners. This can be done repeatedly to maintain the refrigerator smelling fresh.

2. Fresh lemons

One approach to prevent odors in the refrigerator is to slice fresh lemons into thin slices and store them there. Fresh lemon slices can be placed in each compartment to allow the lemon’s natural oils to diffuse.

3. Baking soda powder, lavender

Owning a large capacity side-by-side refrigerator that can store a lot of food will inevitably lead to the issue of a refrigerator that collects a lot of scents. Baking soda and lavender, a natural cleaning combo, help the refrigerator totally absorb odors while also imparting a lovely scent. It only requires combining these two components, packaging them, and storing them in the refrigerator.

Many women agree that you should choose an aluminum spice box or jar since the lid has numerous tiny pores that will aid in the process of properly absorbing scents.

4. Clean cotton towels

Locate one or two cotton towels that have been cleanly folded, and place them in the refrigerator. This technique uses tiny cloth perforations to absorb refrigerator odors.

5. Prevent odors from coffee grounds


I’d like to share a useful refrigerator deodorizer suggestion with those of you who enjoy coffee. Baking soda and coffee grinds can be combined to eliminate scents that have been lingering in the refrigerator for a long time.

Prevent odors from coffee grounds

6. Dry tea (tea)

In a small cloth bag, place 50g of flower-marinated tea; refrigerate; their shelf life is typically one month. Take the tea outside to dry in the sun before using it again.

7. Use vinegar

Being a common component in the kitchen, vinegar is easy to use to deodorize the refrigerator. Simply pour the vinegar into an exposed glass jar and place it in the refrigerator’s corner. However, take care not to let the vinegar leak out when using the refrigerator.

8. Activated carbon deodorizes the refrigerator

Although less popular, activated carbon can be used as a refrigerator deodorizer for up to six months. Put it in the refrigerator; it won’t have an impact on the food’s flavor or quality. If a recently purchased refrigerator has a lot of food in it, you should also use this procedure.

9. Regularly clean the refrigerator

Regularly clean the refrigerator

You should clean the refrigerator once after about a month of use. Because this is what gives the refrigerator its bad stench, take careful to wipe up any liquid that collects in the nooks and crannies.

10. Learn to rearrange the food in the fridge

– Smelly fruits like jackfruit and durian should be wrapped in multiple layers of bags or placed in a box with a lid.

– Because they are susceptible to rotting, wet vegetables and tubers shouldn’t be placed in the refrigerator right away.

– Before putting leftover food in the refrigerator, it must be sealed in a container with a lid.

– To prevent odors from spreading, fresh foods like meat and fish should be cleaned, wrapped in at least two layers of bags, and placed in the refrigerator.


If you’ve tried the aforementioned deodorizing techniques on how to get smell out of refrigerator but the stench is still there and getting worse, your refrigerator may be damaged inside in one of the internal components. Then, in order to address the issue as soon as possible, get in touch with a qualified fridge repairman.

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