Top 5 dishes not to be missed when coming to Korea in winter

Korea is a beautiful and intriguing place to visit. Much like Japan, Korea combines wonderful natural sights with spectacular cultural curiosities that will have all kinds of visitors hooked. Coming to Korea in winter, in addition to experiencing snow, fishing, and ice skating, visitors must definitely try the unique dishes of this country! Hot spicy dishes with outstanding red color “seductive” will help … “warm your body, fill your stomach” and are the first choice when the cold comes! in this article, we would share Top 5 dishes not to be missed when coming to Korea in winter. If you’re visiting South Korea and want to experience as wide a range of Korean food as possible, then this article will be very useful to you.

Top 5 dishes not to be missed when coming to Korea in winter

1. Tofu soup

Spinach and Tofu Soup 21
Spinach and Tofu Soup Recipe

The cooked tofu soup is stored in a bowl of ice for the objective of maintaining the warmth long, making sure the best preference for the recipe. This is likewise a popular spicy cooked soup of Korean people.

Sundubu jjigae with cornerstones usually tofu, vegetables, mushrooms, beef, pork or fish and shellfish and chili sauce. Relying on the area as well as the private recipe of the chef, a number of picked components are added or gotten rid of rather to include a taste to the soup Although there are lots of variations, to be true, the appropriate setting for a dish of Sundubun jjigae soup is that after the soup is scooped into the dish, the restaurants will certainly smash one more raw agitate top. When consumed, this egg will certainly be blended well with the broth to develop the perfect, creamy flavor for the recipe.

The Korean Tofu Soup is stuffed full of flavor with Kimchi, garlic seasonings and smooth soft tofu. It comes together in simply 30 mins for a tasty meal that is gluten-free as well as vegan!

2. Kimchi soup.

Kimchi jjigae soup has a pleasant, sour, tempting scent from hot salt kimchi as well as particularly the poignant taste from Korean chili powder, which boosts the preference of food. This soup is quite zesty as well as hot, so it is very appropriate for cold days.

3. Mandu-guk

Manduguk/ Mandu-guk (만둣국) is a prominent Korean soup, specifically on Korean new year’s day. The preference of manduguk mainly depends on the base stock as well as likewise the filling up active ingredients made use of within the mandu itself. Ddoek mandu kuk is a soup made from sliced up sticky rice cake with mandu (practically like Chinese dumpling) and also some active ingredients like onion, egg, seaweed and also pepper.

4. Chicken ginseng stew

Traveling to Korea despite the season, visitors will likewise need to eat ginseng stewed poultry – the recipe is taken into consideration the “national spirit” of Korea, as any type of site visitor to Vietnam have to appreciate. Beef noodle soup – sweet fragrant hen noodle soup. Ginseng hen soup is usually prepared in a rock pot, with the fragrance of poultry, the great smelling brew evaporates, combined with the fragrance of ginseng root, the preparation and also handling are extremely innovative.

5. Naengmyeon

Ginseng hen soup is generally cooked in a rock pot, with the scent of chicken, the great smelling brew vaporizes, combined with the fragrance of ginseng origin, the prep work as well as handling are extremely sophisticated.

Poultries are young, tiny chickens, each poultry has just sufficient 1 offering. Packing the inside of the chicken with active ingredients consisting of glutinous rice, ginseng, red apple, garlic, chestnuts, ginkgo Biloba, … then skillfully stitched to make sure that the flavors do not fall out when the stew

From odd hot preference to light sweet taste, they all produce hot dishes that are incredibly appealing for wintertime in Korea. If you have the possibility, come and take pleasure in on your own as well as feel the culinary society in Korea, everyone!