Why mental health is important? 4 reasons for leading a happy life

It is not natural that the ancients have a saying: “Body and mind are often lost”. Life is considered complete only when we have a healthy mind inside a healthy body. However, most people always have an indifferent attitude to their mental health. Did you know, mental health is the “Asin’s heel” that can make you fall at any time? Let’s examine why mental health is important and what we can do to do so in depth.

What is mental health?

“Mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, is able to cope with normal stress, is productive, and contributes to the community. – According to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Mental health plays a key role in a person’s overall health. Unstable mental health affects the ability to make decisions, the ability to seize opportunities and the ability to perform well the individual’s responsibilities towards family and other social relationships (friends, workplace, etc.). work and community).

What is mental health?

A person with good mental health will surely always see the positive side in every matter. As a result, life will be calmer and even if there are difficulties or obstacles, you can also face and overcome it. If you have a healthy mind, you are definitely a person who greets the new day with bright smiles, eats well, sleeps peacefully, lives in harmony with everyone and is always confident in himself.

On the contrary, if a person has unstable mental health, they are definitely facing a lot of bad and negative things. This condition even directly affects physical health, ability to handle work and surrounding relationships.

Why mental health is important?

1. Good mental health – The foundation for a strong body and a happy life

Did you know that, in the Western Pacific region, depressive disorders alone account for 5.73% of the disease burden. Physical health depends a lot on mental health. There is always a very close connection between the body and the mind. Your body will usually respond to your feelings and thoughts.

When feeling bored, stressed or anxious for a long time, the body will easily fall into a state of loss of appetite and insomnia. If this condition persists for a long time without being resolved, it can lead to more serious problems such as high blood pressure or stomach pain.

In particular, good mental health is related to a state of happiness, self-confidence, self-esteem, satisfaction… A positive ideology helps form positive relationships, realizes potential and helps Everyone is ready to face the challenge. Life will definitely get better if you know why mental health is important and how to improve your own mental health.

2. Increasing public awareness of mental health may reduce suicide rates

46 percent of people who commit suicide have a diagnosable mental health illness, according to a report by the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI). According to results of another study by the US Department of Health and Human Services, significant depression, bipolar illness, or dysthymia were present in almost 60% of suicide victims. This illustrates the connection between mental health and suicide as well as how self-care and early medical assistance can reduce the number of suicide deaths. To maintain our mental health and to always be mindful of the mental health of those around us, it is imperative that we heed advice.

Why mental health is important?

3. Good mental health help decrease criminal behavior and victimization 

According to certain studies, being mentally ill increases the likelihood of committing violent crimes. Additionally, it causes abuse and self-victimization. This risk is further supported if the person uses illegal substances, abuses alcohol, and refuses to take prescribed medication. Most often, mentally unfit individuals commit crimes against members of their families or other people in their immediate social networks. Such situations can be avoided by asking a medical practitioner for mental health advice and comprehending the value of mental health.

4. Increasing awareness of mental health can help to end stigma

Despite the fact that many people experience mental illness, only a small fraction of them seek help because of the stigma attached to it. This is why we need to spread “why mental health is important”. The stigma attached to mental illness affects both the number of people who seek therapy and the resources available for efficient treatment. These challenges might be insurmountable for persons who have underlying mental problems. By sharing mental health advice, people can be motivated to recognize their symptoms, engage in self-care, and, if necessary, seek treatment or medical assistance.

The “medicine” to help you improve your mental health

1. Body training

One of the effective ways to keep mental health in a stable state is to maintain physical exercise. Exercise regularly, because this can help the body produce Endorphin – a neurotransmitter that makes you feel happy and inhibits the body’s stress response, helping to improve mood and make you feel good. calmer in negative situations. There are many forms of exercise such as yoga, walking, dancing, playing sports, etc. You can find yourself a suitable form that you love.

2. Eat in moderation

Habits and diet are also one of the factors that affect your mental health. Please add nutrients to help the body manage stress, from foods such as cereals, avocados, bananas, vegetables, … At the same time, you should limit the use of foods and drinks contain stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, etc.

Why mental health is important? The "medicine" to help you improve your mental health

3. Get enough sleep

Sleep is the time for the body to recover and deal with the stress of the day. This is the time when the brain relaxes and the body relaxes after muscular activity all day long. It is important to get enough sleep and to get quality sleep. To reduce stress, you need to sleep 6-8 hours a night.

4. Build confidence

Feeling happy about yourself is important for mental health. Worrying and negative thoughts can bring you down. Therefore, stop constantly self-criticism by focusing on your own strengths.

5. Let your mind rest for at least 10 minutes a day

Every day, give your mind at least 10 minutes to rest. Close your office or get away from the hustle and bustle and let yourself be as relaxed as possible. Think of happy things and dream of beautiful things, why not?

The final thought

Why mental health is important? Because everyone of us deserves to be at ease. We should all have good mental health.

We could rule the world if we only realized how valuable we are. We are held back by our own limiting beliefs, which include notions that we are abnormal, flawed, or unworthy.

The importance of mental and physical wellness is equal. Because mental health affects everything, we must eliminate the stigma. We can change everything when we keep it in mind. And doing just that is never too late.

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